made by Hanne Ossler

i love being creative (have a bachelor in industrial design, studying fine carpentry for now) and that´s why i do stuff. this blog is an attempt to show you what i do within that area (explicit style). if you´d like to know more about a specific piece of work, i´ll be happy to share the process behind it. please don´t hesitate to contact me!

Of you
Sometimes i have to escape my own head. Chaos of colours
i´ve made the illustration and the oak-frame to it. 

waiting to get some free time and energy so i can start to make these two designs i made. until then, these 3D-drawings is all i have…

wanna thank Malmö Industriförening (

for believing in me and rewarding me with a scholarship. honestly i didn´t think i would ever receive one of those. it does pay off to work hard though (i appreciate that a lot too). and this gives me a real boost to my creative self confidence and i am thrilled to give you all more.

will make sure to bring it 

let´s go

back to business. ready to create things in wood in the workshop where i finally managed to get apprenticeship! excited(-ing)

"pig goes hitch-hike ike and takes a ride"

just made a proposition for: .

a high giraffe (hehe)
crazy sheep from the moon
used posca and a pen for this one


yep! got that right. another budgie-birdie to the pile…
just a silly little crocheted basket i did for my chives. now it can enjoy the skyline of Barcelona just a little bit better. fabric recycled .

another recycled chair. looked like shit, picked it up from the street, cleaned it, painted it, and braided a new seat and back for it, using natural-fiber rope. voilá!